Take a Look At and From The Shard!

The Shard, is the most stunning sight of the city right now. It is attracting every visitor’s attention with its high soaring 95-story building. This skyscraper is today the biggest construction in European Union. And it is as much enticing from outside, as it is from inside. This dynamic structure has a crystalline façade, which shines under the sun. You will be able to view London skyline from the top of this high-rise structure, which has been built to offer a 360 degrees view.

This timeless construction will be a reminder of human imagination, in the coming times. Come to view this spectacular view from outside, or take a trip inside to explore what all has constructed in it.

Floors from 2nd to 28th have been allotted to offices, while on floors from 31st to 32nd, you will get to enjoy a sumptuous meal at its restaurants. All of these three floors have been given as restaurant spaces. Floors from 43th to 62nd have the rooms of Shangri-LA Hotel, with all the features and amenities, needed to make your vacation memorable. 52nd floor also has a spa! Besides, 53rd to 65th floors of Shard are residential spaces, with permanent housing facilities for Londoners. And you can climb up to floors from 68th to 72nd, to take a stunning view of the city.

This attraction was inaugurated in 2012, in the month of July. And you can spot it at 32 London Bridge Street, SE1 9RL.

Entry Ticket with Advance Booking will cost

Adults: £24.95
Children: £18.95

It is one of the most beautifully structured attractions, besides being one of the highest structures. Visit this magnanimous attraction, to appreciate the human imagination, and power of today’s engineering.

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